Fishing Guide - Andrew Walker


Come chasthe species of your dreams with this English-speaking guide. He specializes in full service guided fishing adventures for a multitude of species, including Muskellunge, Northern Pike, Carp, Walleye and Long Nose Gar. They personalize your packages from Rookie anglers to Pro anglers and half days up to a week straight on the bank. They have all the gear necessary to Conquer the species you wish to pursue and even though fishes are not always a guarantee, the knowledge you walk away with speaks with volume. Let them Guide You to your Greatest memories! 

Fishing and the outdoors is absolutely everything Andrew knows and in this field of work one of the biggest pay outs for him is being able to pass on his experiences and tricks that can help other anglers move forward and enjoy all the same things that we are all out there for. Booked sessions are worked out for each individual client and their requirements. Session placement can be day to day or you can stay in a chosen swim for your entire stay. Venue placement is made to be sure it is the right one for the client and their abilities.

Their number one priority is always the client and he always ensure that by the end of their stay that they will be leaving with everything they came to him for. This is more than a job for Andrew, its truly his getaway where he can put everything down and focus on what he's best at. Andrew strives to make you feel you have had value for the money you have spent while you will enjoy your stay too. They go through the steps with the client they take to get on the fish and stay on the fish no matter the time of year. They have a lot of repeat customers with some now up to 8 repeated bookings! The friendships made, laughs that happens, amazing catches and the giants that got away always make you want to come back for more.

If you are still on the fence about booking with him don’t be nervous. He can deal with first timers to anglers with years of experience. It doesn’t matter if you are worried about casting or even your abilities. There is nothing to be worried about, that’s what he is here for. To help you learn and get over those hurdles and to catch your next personal best.




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